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2nd National Functional Fitness Championship 2020
at Chennai (Postponed due to COVID 19, New Dates to be declared soon)
Selection Trials for
World Championship of Functional Fitness 2020 to be held at Canada &
Masters World Championship 2020 at Lisbon (Portugal)

Selection Trials for National Championship (Preliminary Round)

Selection Trials for National Championship (Final Round)


ARTICLE 2: Objectives of FSFI
1) To Promote and encourage Fitness Sports throughout India in Conformity with IFFF;
2) To frame Rules (Enforce as of IFFF) and Promote Fitness Sports,
3) To arrange the Organization of Indian National Championship & Open Competitions,
4) To Confirm and Maintain National Fitness Sports Championship Records,
5) To Encourage and Support the promotion of Ethics of Fitness Sports as Sports and to promote &
develop skills of Human’s life its efforts ensuring that in life & sport, the Spirit of Fair Play prevails and
Violence is Banned,
6) To Encourage and Support the Organisation, Development, and Coordination of Fitness Sports, sports
Education and promotion of Human Life,
7) To Cooperate with the Competent Public & Private Organisations and authorities in the Endeavors to
Place Fitness as Sports at National level,
8) To take action in order to strengthen the unity and to protect the Independence of Fitness Sports
Movement in India,
9) To lead the Fight Against Doping in Sports and Daily Life,
10) To Oppose any Political & Commercial Abuse of Fitness Sports,
11) To Encourage and Support the Development of Sports and Education through Fitness Sports,
12) To Encourage and Support Initiatives blending Fitness Sports with Culture and Education,
13) To Develop the Technical Knowledge in School, Universities and in General Public,
14) Providing education for Fitness Sports & Sports Administration / Sports Management,
15) To Collaborate with Organizations and Entities pursuing such Objectives particularly through Olympic
Education and propagation of Fitness Sports,
16) To Create wherever needed – Simple, Functional and Economical Fitness Sports facilities in
Cooperation with Public / Private or Governmental Bodies,
17) To Urge Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports of Government of India, Indian Olympic Association,
Association of Indian Universities, School Games Federation of India and Other Public / Private &
Governmental Organisations to Include Fitness Sports in Official Sporting Events,

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