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Member Associations :
Member Associations shall be State (Regional) Fitness
Sports Association, Only One Association from Each State or U.T. with One Vote Each.

JOIN THE Fitness Sports Federation India


Member Association Shall Recognise FSFI as the National Federation for Fitness Sports
representing the FSFI Objectives. The member Associations shall be bound by FSFI rules, shall
submit to its jurisdiction in FSFI matters and shall undertake to promote its goals. Members
Associations, their Elected Members, Officers, and The Athletes shall be bound by the
Constitution and Rules including the Code of Ethics and Conduct.


No Discrimination shall be allowed against any Region or Any person on grounds of Gender,
Specially Able People, race, religion or politics.


The DFSA will be default Member of RFSA as and when its application is approved by FSFI and fulfilled Financial & Constitutional Obligation.

Zonal Association

1.3 Zonal Associations :
FSFI Recognises Zonal Association for each of the Following Five Areas:
1.3.1 Northern India;
1.3.2 Southern India
1.3.3 Western India
1.3.4 Eastern India
1.3.5 Central India
1.3.6 North Eastern India



Special Units such as Indian Army, Indian Navy, Railways, Post, etc will be Admitted as Associates of FSFI and will be Honored to Represent their Team Directly into National Events and Host National Events under Aegis of FSFI,



Associates Shall Recognise FSFI as the National Federation for Fitness Sports representing the FSFI Objectives. The Associates shall be bound by FSFI Constitution, Rules & Regulation and the decision made by FSFI in Fitness Sports matters.

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